Friday, September 25, 2009

X_ ash's 21st bday
X_ nyc ; dave&busters
X_ her new teacup yorkie chloe
X_ my boots that i lovelovelove
X_ her curls, that im jealous of cause i got this lil ass wig lmao x=


maika said...

omg your bootss ! they look hot !

Cynthia.Lee♥ said...

i pray the day God blesses me with a child i could look as Good as you, becasuse you have that amazing mommy glow and you look fabulous!

AlexisSiani said...

The make-up and outfit is gorgeous.Oh and I love your work.Your photography skills are truly amazing.

Monie said...

Cute pictures! The boots are to die for. Where did Ash get that black shirt? I NEED it in my life!

Anonymous said...