Sunday, October 17, 2010

pub crawl

this year i got to participate in the 16th annual pub crawl. what it basically is, a crew of people (most of them work for the city cops,firemen,ect) get together and bounce from bar/club/lounges. it started at five and the last destination was at twelve. youre SUPPOSE to have a drink & shot at every stop, so of course everyone was feeling verrrryy nice. there were so many people that they rented a bus so noone would have to drive. we got 50% off drinks, no entrance fee and no i.d. check . . .not too shabby!
also, you have to buy a pub crawl tee to be a part of the party and they donate the funds. im not exactly sure where to but i know it's for a good cause.
anyways, i had a pretty good time. i went with my boyfriend, his mother, her bestfriend, my sister in-law, her boyfriend and a bunch of other friends.
i honestly dont know how i made it to the last bar because i was pretty intoxicated lmao
here's a few pics :

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LaLa said...

looks like lots of fun!! I have to try this out, at least once lol good pics!