Saturday, October 16, 2010

way past due . . ..

it's been so long , too long since ive updated this . . .
not because i lost intrest or anything but life has been keeping me sort of busy,
then when i have tried to destroy & rebuild i never liked the outcomes.
anyways, im back for now.
since ive been gone alot has changed, mostly ashton. he's six months, going on seven and he never fails to amaze me with his new progressions. it's like every other day this little boy is teaching himself something new, before i know it he'll be washing his own clothes & cooking his own meals *covers eyes*

everyone was telling the truth when they said
"cherish every moment because they grow sooo quick" . . .yes indeed.
yesterday was pretty chill, me and an old friend of mine set up a playdate for our children. since theyre pretty close in age it works out perfectly, even though he son beats up on mine a little bit lol. give ashton two months and he'll def have some work for his little friend lol. im glad they get to spend time together now since theyre young, i want ashton to have a lifetime friend <3

cute eh ?


LaLa said...

welcome back love, I was wondering what happened to you... glad everything is well WOW 6months girl let me tell you mine is turning four at the end of the month and I CANT tell you where the hell the time went it's like I blinked and he was telling me "I can do it mom" enjoy it my love! He is still so beautiful!! awe yay can't wait for you to fall back into the blog world! :)

sheiswinterwest said...

welcome back! i was wondering where you been hiding as well! your son has gotten so big! so precious! :)

YOU LOVELEE. said...

thanks & yes time flies. im going to try my hardest to be consistant with my posts, i read back on my old entries and its sooo funny. thats why i want to document everything so one day i can look back like "wow" lol